Welcome to the Sock Knitting Machines email list at yahoo!

As a first time poster to the list, your messages will be moderated to determine that a spam address has not been
submitted.  After your address has been verified, you will join the rest of the list members as an unmoderated
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Since this list has grown quite large, we've found it necessary to adopt some membership rules. You may also want
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1. ACCEPTABLE INFORMATION: We welcome opinions on machines, yarns, and anything to do with sock knitting machines
and the use of them.

Free information and event notices are not considered ads.

We encourage you to add your information, tips, help, patterns, etc in the FILES section of this list.  There are
already several folders available where you may add your information.

Do not post virus warnings to the list.  If you feel something must be shared, please send the info directly to one
of the list moms/owners.

2. MESSAGE REPLY: When you REPLY to a message, edit the forwarded text to retain only the few sentences that convey the
reason for your reply.  This is a courtesy for all list members who are not on high-speed Internet connections.
Please check your posts before you press send.

3. NO FLAMING:  We will not tolerate insulting or otherwise purposely hurtful posts.

4. NO FORWARDING:  Do not forward inappropriate or non-csm related material from another source to the list.

5.ADVERTISMENTS: Ads are allowed on Fridays. Please put AD in the subject line and PLEASE no redundant posts.
If you'd like to advertise on any other day besides Friday, please join: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sockknittingmachineads (sales and wanted ads)
6.POSTING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: Please consider, when posting, that your email goes out to over 2000 members.
You may post your own personal information if you really wish, but DON'T post other people's phone, address, or private information.
If they wish to do it, they can do it themselves.
Some people don't appreciate having their personal information published online.

7. WARNINGS AND REMOVAL:  Any person breaking one of the listís rules will be warned the first time and then removed
for three weeks upon their second offense.  After that, they are welcome to return.

8. PERSONAL BEHAVOUR: This is YOUR list!  We appreciate everyone's help in keeping things under control :)  It is always
better to email a person privately if something is bothering you, instead of posting your concerns to the list.
Just remember: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you...

I hope these rules and info help to make the list more enjoyable.
Let us know if you have any questions.

Pat Fly, Lucy Best, John Loeffelholz  -- List Moms


Updated 10/09/13